Machine Readable Passport (MRP) / Upgraded to Electronic Machine Readable Passport (EMRP)

The Government of Nepal started accepting applications for machine-readable passports (MRP) on December 19, 2010, and the first lot of such passports was issued a week later. It may be recalled that this is perfectly in line with the commitment made by the Government to start issuing MRPs by January 1, 2011.

The Embassy of Nepal, Riyadh has started a live enrollment system for making MRP since 31 January 2016. The applicant himself/herself should present in the Embassy for the live enrollment.

Electronic Machine Readable Passport ( EMRP )

The Government of Nepal started accepting applications for electronic machine-readable passports (EMRP) which have been implemented in the Embassy of Nepal, Riyadh from 27th of February 2022.

An electronic passport, also known as an e-passport or biometric passport, is a travel document that contains electronic components embedded within its pages. It incorporates advanced security features and biometric data to enhance the integrity and security of passport issuance and identity verification processes. It enhances security, prevents counterfeiting, and enables automated identity verification at borders. E-passports comply with international standards, ensuring interoperability between countries. They improve travel efficiency and aid in combating identity fraud.

For Pre-enrolment: visit the website:

For more information, visit the website:

Fee and documents to be presented for renewal of the Nepalese E-Passport.

  1. Original Nepali citizenship certificate and copy of it.
  2. Current original Nepalese passport and one copy of it.
  3. Renewal fees are 200- Saudi Riyals.
  4. The applicant should be present at the Embassy for biometric and live photo enrollment.

Fees and Documents are to be submitted in case of a lost or damaged passport.  

  1. Original Nepali citizenship certificate and two copies of it.
  2. A copy of passport.
  3. Computer print-out from the immigration office attesting to the applicant’s entry into this country and s copy of it.
  4. Police report and a copy of it.
  5. Letter from the Sponsor/Employer
  6. Renewal fees are 400- Saudi Riyals.
  7. The applicant should be present at the Embassy.

Passports for infants

  1. Original Nepali Minor Identity Card and two copies of it.
  2. Original relationship verification certificate and two copies of it.
  3. A birth registration certificate (having the parents’ name) of the child issued from the competent authority of the government of Nepal and two copies of it.
  4. The original citizenship certificates of the parents(Father and Mother) and two copies of them.
  5. The original passports of the parents (Father and Mother) and two copies of them.
  6. The original Iqama or ID of parents (Father and Mother) and two copies of them.
  7. The original marriage certificate of the parents(Father and Mother) and two copies of them.
  8. Written application from the parents requesting the Embassy for the issuance of the passport to their child.
  9. Renewal fees are 100/- Saudi Riyals.
  10. The parents should be present at the Embassy along with the child to submit the live enrollment application.

Important Information:

  • All fees are to be paid in Saudi Riyals in cash at the counter along with the online pre-enrollment form application. Fees once paid are not refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or the service is refused for whatsoever reason.
  • For renewal of a passport, the applicant must apply when the validity of the passport is less than six months.
  • Passports are normally processed in about 1 month upon the submission of a live enrollment application at the Embassy.
  • If the applicant possesses a handwritten passport, he/she can apply for an EMRP at any time before the expiry date.
  • Each applicant should submit an original invoice along with an old passport to receive a new Machine Readable Passport.
  • The new electronic machine-readable passport will have a validity of 10 years
  • Once an electronic machine-readable passport is issued, it is not possible to amend any particular of the bearer. Therefore, the process for issuance of a new passport has to be initiated once again if there are mistakes in the picture, signature, and particulars given by the bearer of the passport. Thus it is very important to prepare the pre-enrollment online application carefully so as to avoid mistakes and inconsistencies.