Death Case Formalities

Sending Human Remains To Nepal.                                                               

 Procedure (in Arabic)  

  • Inform to the Embassy of Nepal (by letter) about the death and about the family in Nepal.

  • Receive Police Report (copy)

  • Receive Death Certificate & Medical Report from the hospital (copy)

  • Inform Governor’s Office.

  • Obtain Exit Visa from Immigration.

  • Settle the Legitimate Dues with the Labour office.

  • Inform General Social Insurance. (GOSI)

  • Submit the Official English translation of Death Certificate, Medical Report and Police Report to the Embassy for attestation.

  • Receive No-Objection Certificate upon receipt of the above mentioned documents.

  • Submit all documents to the air-cargo with family address in Nepal.

  • Inform the family to contact Airlines’ office (carrier) in Nepal to give their  acceptance for receiving the body upon arrival.

  • All belongings should be sent with the body.

  • Arrange to send draft in the name of (Embassy of Nepal, Riyadh, KSA in order to send dues to the legal heirs of the deceased in Nepal.

  • For more information, please contact Embassy of Nepal, Riyadh.